Carpe Datum Rx

Carpe Datum Rx

Carpe Datum Rx is a thought leadership forum sponsored by Amberoon for the business application of advanced analytics technologies. Fellows at Carpe Datum Rx are distinguished members of the business community who have insights into the deployment of technology to meet strategic business goals. Follow us on Twitter @CarpeDatumRx.


Business Perspective Solutions

Businesses that have unique insights on their market and stakeholders make better decisions than those that lack this perspective. Carpe Datum Rx works on business perspective solutions that leverage analytics technologies. A key element of the Carpe Datum Rx approach is to optimize a solution around business use cases and enterprise performance metrics that are most relevant to business results. Carpe Datum Rx produces market studies, events and research in collaboration with industry leaders in business analytics. Contact to see how we can impact your business.


Carpe Datum Rx Fellows

Carpe Datum Rx Fellows represents thought leaders in the area of banking, finance and technology innovation. Fellows share their ideas through our blog and periodic events organized by Carpe Datum Rx. Stay updated on our latest events by subscribing to email updates.

Graham Seel

Khanderao Kand

Ravi Kalakaota

Shirish Netke

Bob Mark