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Analyze Data.Get Insights.Keep Privacy.

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Privacy Preserving Analytics

Operational insights require access to confidential data. The goal of privacy-preserving analytics is to get rich insights into data to help make operational decisions without compromising privacy. 


Modern advances in security technology make it possible to do advanced analytics of data while maintaining its privacy. This technology is particularly useful in SaaS applications that may reside on the hybrid cloud.


Amberoon Lorem Privacy is a privacy-preserving analytics system that helps the smallest financial institutions gain analytical insights from large amounts of private data in the cloud without compromising privacy.


Cloud Applications

Cloud-based SaaS applications are widely available and provide effective and efficient solutions for financial institutions looking to deploy sophisticated technology at a low cost. 

Financial institutions are prevented from taking advantage of these solutions due to an effective solution to preserve confidential data especially as it relates to Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

Amberoon Lorem Privacy allows a pseudonymized version fo the data to be shared with cloud in a seamless experience for authorized users of that data.

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Lorem Analytics

Amberoon Lorem Privacy key capabilities

  • PII data easily accessible to authorized users

  • Scrambles data available to general users

  • Real-time visualization and forensic analysis on the cloud

  • Tokenization

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