Amberoon Lucre AML

Monitor, measure,manage and Mitigate AML Risk 

Modern AML

Amberoon’s Lucre is a modernized Anti-Money Laundering (AML) solution that uses Agile Compliance to closely align with a bank’s mandate of safety and soundness. Amberoon leverages advances in AI, data engineering and security to make complex AML processes insightful, efficient and cost-effective—without requiring costly replacements to legacy technologies.  Unlike traditional approaches, Lucre allows governance and process to drive the technology and not the other way around. Core functions include.

  • + Bank Exam Prep
  • + Monitoring of High Risk
  • + Alert Management
  • + On-boarding

Lucre AML
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Smart Risk Triage

Amberoon Lucre AML uses data from ongoing transactions, third-party sources and proprietary algorithms to enable forensic inquiry that identifies bad actors and reduces risk. The technology builds on a risk-based approach that works with legacy AML systems to implement a Regulatory System of Insight for banking operations.


Core Capabilities

And again, there’s no need to replace existing systems: Amberoon AML has ‘wraparound’ capabilities to work with legacy solutions in mid-contract.

  • Significantly reduces false positives

  • Slashes operating costs by up to 50%

  • Eases behavioral KYC

  • Identifies emerging risks

  • Accelerates UBO (Ultimate Business Owner) tracking.


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