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PPP is Not a Free Lunch for Banks

Treasury's Strategy 2020 - A Risk-based Approach to AML

Agile Compliance and Machine Learning

What do AML/BSA/CTF Regulators think of Machine Learning?

What is Agile Compliance?

AML Failures can Kill Banks and Careers

Is Adoption of Artificial Intelligence Worth the Risk to my Bank?

What Differentiates Modern AML Solutions from Legacy AML?

Should AML Technology Drive Business Process or Vice Versa?

A Conversation with California's Commissioner on RegTech

Comparing Rules Engines vs Machine Learning for AML/CTF

BSA/AML Insights from OCC Risk Perspectives Spring 2019

The “Red Pill” Realities of Anti-Money Laundering

Regulators, Banks and Fintech Providers: Playing Together in the Sandbox

RegTech: Systems of Insight to Guide Anti-Money Laundering (AML)

AI led Digital Banking: Banking the Millennial Generation

Should Community Banks and Credit Unions Worry About Blockchain?

How Can Community Banks Keep Up With Customer Demands?

Fintech in 2017: Risk management takes center stage

Occam's Razor and Managing Model Risk

OK We Need to Innovate – But Where Do We Start?

Naivety is Alive and Well in FinTech

Models Are Essential for Banks, but How Do We Know They’re Right?

It Takes a Village to Manage Operational Risk

What Every FinTech CEO Should Know About Risk Management

Can FinTech Companies Thrive in Community Banking?

Machine Learning and AI @ FaceBook

Proof of Concept: Fintech’s Best Friend?

Enabling Enterprise Data Visualization Competency Center

The NoSQL Ecoystem: A C-Level Guide

The Sand Hill 25 Bitcoin Innovative Disrupters

Bitcoin: Mad, Bad but not a Fad

The Sand Hill IoT 50 Needle Movers

The Internet of Things: Opportunities to Move the Needle

2015 Year in “PreReview” in Technology

Data Visualization, Discovery and Visual Analytics

Apple’s Health App and HealthKit – Platforms for Digital Health?

Cloud-based Healthcare Analytics and Decision Support

You Are What You Analyze - Selecting a Chief Analytics Officer

A Primer on Predictive Analytics

Big Data Performance Anxiety and Data Grids

Mindset over Data Set - Sand Hill Big Data Study

Sand Hill 50 “Swift and Strong” in Big Data

2014 Year in PreReview for Big Data Analytics

Sand Hill Study Reveals What Companies are Really Doing with Hadoop

Data Science and Analytics Outsourcing – Vendors, Models, Steps

Market Sizing – Analytics and Big Data

Predictive Analytics & Wearable Computing

Big Data is a Disruptive Theme - Goldman Sachs

Industrial Big Data and the Power of 1% Improvement

Blessed are the Mid-Markets, for they shall Scale Big Data

Understanding Healthcare Provider Use Cases with Analytics

Are SMBs the Guiding Path to Big Data Simplicity?

Data Monetization - Speed Counts

Chance vs Luck: Playing the lottery?

Big Data needs a good Gary Vaynerchuck

Data Analytics as a Service - Form Follows Function

The 5 Steps to Unparalleled Customer Loyalty

Long Live Direct Mail - Thanks to Big Data

Banking , Customer Analytics and AML

Advice for Email Marketers - "Show Them the Love"

The Data Scientist Skill Set - An Infographic View

Analytics-as-a-Service: How is changing the rules

Email Marketing - The Killer App for Big Data Analytics?

Predictive Analytics - A Primer

Sizing “Mobile + Social” Big Data Stats

Enterprise Data Architecture and Big Data

Apple iOS 6: Passbook is a Game Changer for Omni-channel Marketing

Business Perspective Lessons from the One-eyed Stag

Innovation and Big Data in Corporations: A Roadmap

Proctor & Gamble – Business Sphere and Decision Cockpits

Data Visualization - The Medium is the Message

Selling SaaS in the Enterprise

Omni-channel Marketing and Social Media

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