Amberoon is an enterprise software company that helps banks reduce operational risk from money laundering and financial crimes using agile processes and modern technology. Amberoon software solutions use a risk-based approach to financial crime implemented within an Agile Compliance framework.

What Sets Amberoon Apart?

Amberoon advocates modernization of AML/BSA process without replacing legacy technology. This is a non-disruptive approach that maximizes impact and minimizes changes based on a bank’s threshold for risk. Amberoon’s approach to AML/BSA/CFT is driven by a few key design parameters. 

  • Each financial institution has unique risks. These are based on their products, services, customers, entities and geographies.
  • Business process drives technology and not the other way around.
  • A judicious combination of human intelligence and machine intelligence leads to better risk assessment.

Amberoon is the only enterprise software company in the industry that uses an Agile Compliance approach powered by modern technologies including visualization, advanced analytics, predictive modeling, machine learning and intelligent automation. Users of Amberoon solutions can derive the business benefits of these modern technologies with no dependency on technical resources.

Agile Compliance Background

Agile Compliance is derived from best practices originally implemented by software developers over the last two decades for managing projects. Agile Compliance values human communication and feedback, close collaboration with customers, adapting to changes, and producing working results. The Agile Compliance approach also favors intuitive software over extensive training and documentation.

Amberoon Mission

Amberoon’s mission is to help banks measure, monitor, manage and mitigate operational risk from financial crimes and create an effective and efficient systems for compliance.