The Internet of Things: Opportunities to Move the Needle

The automated vote-counting machine was designed by Thomas Edison in 1869 to replace roll call voting in the U.S. Congress and was never used. The motor scooter was designed in post-war Italy to be a motorcycle for women and became a revolutionary transport mechanism for a larger population. The Javaprograming language was originally designed in the 1990s for use by set-top boxes. And eBay was created to sell Pez dispensers. History has many examples of how original use case definitions became irrelevant in the face of market economics. Like any other new technology, the Internet of Things (IoT) will create an ecosystem with its share of winners, losers, survivors — and needle movers.

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A Primer on Predictive Analytics

Insight, not hindsight is the essence of predictive analytics. How organizations instrument, capture, create  and use data is fundamentally changing the dynamics of work, life and leisure.

Analytics is changing expectations and business strategies. A decade ago, GE was in the mode of “the product breaks, we fix it,” Today, GE has more than $100 billion in revenue tied to SLA contracts, whereby it gets paid based on a product — a power plant turbine, a jet engine, a locomotive — being in service. It needs predictive analytics software to help customers avoid downtime and thus make those contracts profitable.  (source: Informationweek)

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