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Data Visualization, Discovery and Visual Analytics

Scorecards, Dashboards, Heatmaps, Alerts, Management Reporting, Operations and Transactions Reporting are all enterprise example of data visualization outputs.

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Topics: analytics, big data, advanced analytics, visualization

Apple’s Health App and HealthKit – Platforms for Digital Health?

Game on….I think we just witnessed a big next generation leap in Healthcare Data and Analytics.  Apple jumped into the health information business on June 2, 2014, launching both a new health app and a cloud-based health information platform with IOS 8.

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Topics: wearable computing, apple healthcare, big data, advanced analytics, healthcare analytics, HealthKit, health app, predictive analytics

Cloud-based Healthcare Analytics and Decision Support

Consider this:

  • Honeywell, a Fortune 100 technology and manufacturing company, needed to manage the ever-escalating cost of insuring its 130,000 employees and their dependents. Honeywell has reported that health care costs were growing approximately 8-10% per year.
  • Self-insured employers like Wal-Mart want to make health care cost and quality information available to their 1.2 Million employees.  That information can be used by employees to select physicians based on how their rank, or how much they cost, resulting in savings for both the employee and the employer. Decision support enabler.
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Topics: analytics, Wal-Mart, big data, advanced analytics, quantitative analytics, analytics as a service, data analytics infrastructure, Big Data Prescriptions, business perspective solutions, predictive analytics

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