Amberoon Statum KPI

Read the Past. See the Future. Run the Present. 


Your Future vs Your Peers

Statum KPI provides a peek into the future for 5000 banks.  Statum Forecasts are based on decades of historical data on banks’ performance.  Statum enables banks to determine their peer group based on their specific business goals and priorities. A peer group could be defined by geography, market focus, asset size, performance metrics, or any combination of these parameters.

Choosing the right peer group to benchmark performance requires an understanding of which peer banks are most likely to succeed and thrive and which are most likely to run into trouble.

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Agile Risk Analytics

The risks that affect a bank's business are constantly changing. 

Failure to recognize and respond to risk dynamics imperils community bank survival and impacts your customers, investors and banking officers. 

Banks require speed and flexibility in defining what is measured, what is analyzed, and how to best respond.

Agile risk analytics is about measuring the right metric at the right time to plan and take action to produce the right outcome. 

Amberoon Statum KPI is an agile risk analytics system that helps banks continuously measure, monitor and manage their business risk.

Location Analysis

Amberoon Statum KPI key capabilities

  • Performance Forecasts

  • Performance History

  • Early Warning Indicators

  • KPI Forensics

  • Community Analytics

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