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Data Science and Analytics Outsourcing – Vendors, Models, Steps

To meet demand for faster innovation around analytics, CFOs and CIOs are rethinking their silo’d sourcing strategies and looking at new way of doing things via Outsourcing Analytics.

Market Sizing – Analytics and Big Data

The buzz and hype around data…small data, big data, machine data, social data, mobile data….is relentless.  As a result there are a lot of new initiatives and companies.  I have been asked repeatedly by a lot of entrepreneurs and strategy teams about...

Industrial Big Data and the Power of 1% Improvement

Just like Business to Consumer (B2C)  e-commerce and Business to Business (B2B) e-commerce…we are seeing a similar distinction emerge in Big Data.

While social, consumer, retail and mobile big data get a lot of PR, the big data business cases...