Should AML Technology Drive Business Process or Vice Versa?

This is a vexing question and it is at the heart of myriad problems with the current approach to AML/BSA processing. Last year, in conversation with a banking regulator, he observed, that "when a bank buys AML software they also buy an AML business process".

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Topics: AML/BSA/CFT, regulatory compliance, FFIEC

A Conversation with California's Commissioner on RegTech


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Topics: risk managemen, financial risk, community banking, AML/BSA/CFT, regulatory compliance, ccpa

Comparing Rules Engines vs Machine Learning for AML/CFT

We have been asked to explain the differences between rules-engines and machine learning for anti-money laundering/banking secrecy act applications on numerous occasions. This question typically arises from the compliance team, wanting to better understand the difference between their current process and that used by a modern AI-based AML system.

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Topics: model validation, machine learning, money laundering, AML/BSA, AML/BSA/CFT, regulatory compliance

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