2015 Year in “PreReview” in Technology

The summer of 2015 marked the release of the blockbuster Sci-fi movie, “Terminator Genisys,” which grossed a record $350 million at the box office and further popularized the notion of time travel. In addition to sequels and prequels, Hollywood has now adopted plots for movies in which the audience can choose among alternate storylines and follow them to their logical conclusion. The future, as we know it, is plural. This year in our PreReview of 2015, we once again present a few alternative scenarios for the future from our vantage point at the end of 2014. 

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A Primer on Predictive Analytics

Insight, not hindsight is the essence of predictive analytics. How organizations instrument, capture, create  and use data is fundamentally changing the dynamics of work, life and leisure.

Analytics is changing expectations and business strategies. A decade ago, GE was in the mode of “the product breaks, we fix it,” Today, GE has more than $100 billion in revenue tied to SLA contracts, whereby it gets paid based on a product — a power plant turbine, a jet engine, a locomotive — being in service. It needs predictive analytics software to help customers avoid downtime and thus make those contracts profitable.  (source: Informationweek)

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Big Data needs a good Gary Vaynerchuck


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