The NoSQL Ecoystem: A C-Level Guide

As a C-level executive, it’s becoming clear to me that NoSQL databases and Machine Learning toolsets like Spark are going to play an increasingly big role in data-driven business models, low-latency architecture & rapid application development (projects that can be done in 8-12 weeks not years).

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Topics: Spark, analytics, Hadoop, big data, advanced analytics, NoSQL, analytics as a service, Big Data Prescriptions, business perspective solutions

Mindset over Data Set - Sand Hill Big Data Study

“Meeting adjourned!” the chairman announces. In one swift move, I’m out of my chair and walking toward the door ahead of the other board members when I hear my name, and there’s no mistaking that voice. 

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Topics: industrial big data, analytics, Hadoop, big data, Big Data practicioner, data scientist, data analytics infrastructure, Big Data Prescriptions, business insights, business perspective solutions, predictive analytics

Sand Hill 50 “Swift and Strong” in Big Data

“The race is not always to the swift nor the battle to the strong, but that’s the way to bet” is attributed to Damon Runyon, who wrote about Broadway in the 1940s. Some investors use this as a guiding principle for predicting winners and losers. Notwithstanding the advice on post-Depression Broadway, we created a list of Big Data players based on a simplistic set of criteria summarized in five words:

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Topics: analytics, Hadoop, big data, advanced analytics, Big Data practicioner, quantitative analytics

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