Market Sizing – Analytics and Big Data

The buzz and hype around data…small data, big data, machine data, social data, mobile data….is relentless.  As a result there are a lot of new initiatives and companies.  I have been asked repeatedly by a lot of entrepreneurs and strategy teams about analytics market size and opportunity size.  Product and services firms are also interested in opportunity sizing as they create new offerings in this area.

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Topics: analytics, big data, advanced analytics, analytics as a service, BI, business insights, business perspective solutions

Data Monetization - Speed Counts

The billion dollar question facing executives everywhere: How do I monetize my data? What
small data or big data monetization strategies should I adopt?  Which analytical investments and strategies really increase revenue? What pilots should I run to test data monetization ideas out?

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Topics: big data, advanced analytics, data-as-a-service, data analytics infrastructure, direct marketing, BI, business insights, business perspective solutions

Big Data needs a good Gary Vaynerchuck


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