Comparing Rules Engines vs Machine Learning for AML/CTF

We have been asked to explain the differences between rules-engines and machine learning for anti-money laundering/banking secrecy act applications on numerous occasions. This question typically arises from the compliance team, wanting to better understand the difference between their current process and that used by a modern AI-based AML system.

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Topics: model validation, machine learning, money laundering, AML/BSA, regulatory compliance, AML/BSA/CTF

BSA/AML Insights from OCC Risk Perspectives Spring 2019

Last month the US Office of the Comptroller of Currency released its 2019 Semiannual Risk Perspective report. While the report is bullish on the strength of the US economy and the banking sector as a whole is buoyant, the associated risks give cause for concern. Of particular concern are operational risks arising from persistent cybersecurity threats and compliance risk from Bank Secrecy Act/anti-money laundering (BSA/AML).

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Topics: AML/BSA, regulatory compliance

The “Red Pill” Realities of Anti-Money Laundering


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Topics: regtech, regulation, risk management, financial risk, community banking, AI led digital banking, AML/BSA, AML/BSA/CFT

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