Amberoon is an AML software company based in Silicon Valley CA. that solves the problem of rigid, people-centric process using an agile system of insight to reduce compliance cost and identify bad actors who currently avoid detection and pose significant regulatory and reputation risk to an enterprise.


What Sets Amberoon Apart?

Amberoon sets itself apart in enabling customers to transition from rules-based, manually intensive and people-centric compliance to enable agile, risk-based compliance that uses AI/ML to reduce compliance cost by 50% and identifies bad actors, that are today, totally undetected.

Amberoon is the only enterprise software company in the industry that uses an agile compliance process powered by AI to solve a $2T problem of money laundering through banks.

Amberoon Vision

Amberoon’s vision is to report on money laundering using modern technology to reduce compliance cost and operational risk for banks, and benefit society as a whole.

Amberoon Mission

To enable regulatory staff in financial institutions to quickly and effectively identify the financial crimes of bad actors.

We do this through an agile, risk-based AML compliance solution, using artificial intelligence to reduce operational risk and costs, increase productivity and obviate the need for BSA enforcement actions.