Interview: Risk Analytics in the Age of Bitcoin

Interview: Greg Kidd, Chief Risk Officer, Ripple Labs

Greg KiddVirtual currency can change the dynamics of interaction between consumers and merchants in unprecedented ways.  Instant payments have the potential to minimize transaction costs and increase global commerce. However, this opens up a different set of risks that did not exist in traditional payment systems. How can these risks be mitigated? In this event, Shirish Netke, president of Amberoon will interview Greg Kidd an, an expert in the area of digital currencies and exchange markets and an authority on payments, and reputation/trust/risks. 
Greg is the chief risk officer for Ripple Labs. He was previously a risk advisor at Square and a consultant at the Promontory Financial Group. He was also a senior analyst in the payments group at the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve. He's a co-founder of 3taps and a believer in open access for the web and innovation in financial services.




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