Carpe Datum Rx Debate: Is Data Science Dead?

Moderated by:  Shirish Netke, CEO Amberoon Inc.

Hashtag: #IsDataScienceDead    

YES. Miko Matsumura, Vice President of Hazelcast


 “Big Data is obviously alive and well. The problem is that the ideas behind "Data Science" are a marriage between proven statistical analysis, machine learning and vendor marketing hype. The first two components are not objectionable, while the third is. This has led to the unhealthy creation of a new job title "Data Scientist" that without the legitimacy of classical statistics and new machine learning methods basically falls apart. To me it is like declaring in 1994 that "Web Mastering" is dead, not that the Internet itself was dead.”

Biography: Miko Matsumura is a 20-year veteran of Silicon Valley and one of Hazelcast’s experienced startup leaders. Most recently he served as SVP of Platform Marketing and Developer Relations at Kii Corporation. He served as a CTO for Software AG and a VP at webMethods, which acquired his startup company INFRAVO for $38M. He got his start in Silicon Valley working as the original Chief Java Evangelist for Sun Microsystems during the first dot com wave. He is a Limited Partner at Focus Ventures, which manages over a half a billion dollars. He holds an MBA from SFSU as well a Master’s degree in Neuroscience from Yale University.


“The technology industry isn’t immune to dramatic statements, and drastic terms such as “death” are often thrown in an effort to simplify.  However, the answer is not that simple.  Data Scientists are the foundation of the Predictive Enterprise and companies who want to win with data shouldn’t compromise their data science values."

Biography: Bruno Aziza is Chief Marketing Officer at Alpine Data Labs. In his role, he is responsible for Alpine’s worldwide marketing strategy, product marketing, positioning and growth. Prior to joining Alpine, Bruno ran Marketing at Microsoft, SAP/Business Objects and Apple. He comes to Alpine from SiSense, where, during his tenure, the company grew by 520% in 2013, raised $10M in a round led by Battery Ventures and was named Top 10 Big Data Analytics startup by Inc., CRN and CIO Magazine. Bruno was educated in France, the U.K., Germany and the U.S. and loves to play soccer.

 Carpe Datum Rx Debate: Is Data Science Dead? 




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