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Carpe Datum Rx is a thought leadership forum for the business application of advanced analytics technologies. Carpe Datum Rx Interviews industry leaders who have demonstrated unique insight in the application of analytics to create shareholder value for businesses. Please click on topcs for archived recordings of these interviews.

Miko debate

Prasanna Mulgaonkar - CEO of Cloud Raxak, a SaaS-based security offering for cloud that empowers IT and application development teams by automating security and ensuring compliance across private and public clouds.

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Robert M. Mark - CEO, Black Diamond Risk Management, a provider of corporate governance, risk management consulting, risk software tools and transaction services. He is the former CRO of CIBC where he had global responsibility for all credit, market and operating risks.

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Sanjay H. Mody - Former head of global operations Silicon Valley Bank. He is an experienced leader in banking operations and client services. Prior experience includes executive positions at Bank of America and JPMorgan Chase.

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Shirish Netke - CEO and President of Amberoon, a provider of data-driven risk-management solutions for anti-money laundering for financial institutions. He has extensive leadership experience in high-growth technology companies including Sun Microsystems and Aztecsoft.

Miko debate

YES - Miko MatsumuraVP  at Hazelcast. “Big data is obviously alive and well. The problem is that the ideas behind "Data Science" are a marriage between proven statistical analysis, machine learning and vendor marketing hype. The first two components are not objectionable, while the third is. This has led to the unhealthy creation of a new job title, "Data Scientist” More...

BrunoNO- Bruno Aziza. CMO at Alpine Data Labs. “The technology industry isn’t immune to dramatic statements, and drastic terms such as “death” are often thrown out in an effort to simplify. However, the answer is not that simple. Data Scientists are the foundation of the "predictive enterprise," and companies that want to win with data shouldn’t compromise their data science values." More... 

M R Rangaswami Interview: M R Rangaswami, Co-founder & CEO Sand Hill Group

Still new and disruptive, big data technology can be complex to implement and use, and the cultural and process implications can be daunting. Sand Hill Group surveyed 160 real-world practitioners and conducted in-depth interviews with executives responsible for big data initiatives at 25 large enterprises with combined annual revenues exceeding $1.4 trillion. Their insights and recommendations are the basis for the report’s detailed prescription for implementing and leveraging big data solutions. In this event, Shirish Netke, CEO of Amberoon, interviews M R Rangaswami, CEO of Sand Hill Group and author of "Mindset Over Dataset: A Big Data Prescription for Setting the Market Pace." More..

Greg Kidd

Interview: Greg Kidd, Chief Risk Officer, Ripple Labs

Virtual currency can change the dynamics of interaction between consumers and merchants in unprecedented ways. Instant payments have the potential to minimize transaction costs and increase global commerce. However, this opens up a different set of risks that did not exist in traditional payment systems. How can these risks be mitigated? In this event, Shirish Netke, president of Amberoon, interviews Greg Kidd an expert in the area of digital currencies and exchange markets and an authority on payments and reputation/trust/risk. More...

Venky RaviralaInterview: Dr. Venkataesh Ravirala, Chief Analytics Officer, Medseek

Advanced analytics provides an opportunity to influence decisions and behaviors, especially in the area of healthcare. Consumers are sharing and interacting with their data in unprecedented ways and have a renewed set of expectations about information related to their health. Dr. Venkatesh Ravirala is the chief analytics officer for Medseek and an expert in advanced business analytics, strategy, planning-delivered enterprise optimization analytics and technology/data architecture. More...

Hal SternInterview: Hal Stern, Executive Director, Merck and Co. 

Industrial big data analytics can be the foundation for creating unique business perspective solutions and increasing operating efficiencies. According to a study done by the World Bank and General Electric, the Industrial Internet opportunity is $32.3 trillion or 46% of the global economy today.  A 1% productivity improvement can save $30 billion for commercial aviation, $66 billion for utilities and $63 billion in healthcare. More...

Sendil ThangavaluInterview: Sendil Thangavelu, Corp Director of Analytics, Flextronics International

Businesses realize that they must capture and consume an inordinate amount and variety of data (big data) in order to become more competitive, drive innovation and design new products and services. However, knowing where to begin is a challenge. In this event, Shirish Netke, president of Amberoon, interviews Sendil Thangavelu, corporate director of analytics and data management at Flextronics, about starting the big data journey in an enterprise. More...

Eric SiegelInterview: Eric Siegel, Author of "Predictive Analytics"

Predictive Analytics has evolved as a discipline based on computer science, statistics, mathematics and a few other traditional areas of study. Eric Siegel, one of the pioneers in this area, has successfully de-mystified this subject by relating it to several everyday examples and applications. In this event, Shirish Netke, president of Amberoon, interviews Eric Siegel about how this is relevant for business leaders today. More...

AnuragInterview: Anurag Agrawal, CEO Techaisle and "SMB Guru"

A study conducted by Techaisle shows that 43% of global mid-market businesses are actively looking at big data technologies. Shirish Netke, president of Amberoon, interviews Anurag Agrawal, chief executive officer for Techaisle, which recently published their findings from a survey of 3,300 mid-market businesses in the US, Europe and Asia. More.

Dev MukerjeeInterview: Dev Mukherjee, CEO BuySeasons  Inc. and Celebrate Interactive

In the retail industry, there has been a significant blurring of lines between technology, marketing, merchandising and the emerging field of data science. Retailers that can get a perspective across these areas and implement practical business solutions will have a competitive advantage. This webinar interviews Dev Mukherjee, the CEO of BuySeasons, Inc., an online speciality retailer, and Celebrate Interactive, the largest online retailer and supplier of costumes, accessories, seasonal décor and party supplies. More..

Gary Vaynerchuck Interview: Gary Vaynerchuck, Partner – VaynerMedia and Best-selling author 

Analytics can provide very valuable quantification to help business make the right decisions. However, large enterprises are slow in adopting technologies such as big data. Is big data ready for the 99%? Shirish Netke, president of Amberoon, interviews Gary Vaynerchuck, partner at Vayner Media, a brand consulting company with a focus on social media. He is the best-selling author of “Crush It: Why Now Is the Time to Cash in on Your Passion” and “The Thank You Economy.” His upcoming book is “Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook: How to Tell Your Story in a Noisy, Social World.” More...

James Hemenway
James Hemenway
Business Direct Analytics,
Wells Fargo Bank

Interview: James Hemenway, VP–Business Direct Analytics, Wells Fargo Bank

Data visualization is a fundamental tool in building a business perspective solution. It is a primary means of communication between data scientists who synthesize information and business users who act on this information. Some of the topics discussed include:

  • Real-world examples where data visualization is critical to building insight
  • Practical guidelines on deploying visualization tools as a part of a business process
  • How data visualization can affect businesses in the future.

Pradeep Ananthpadmanabhan
Andre Boisvert
Former President of
SAS Insutute and
co-founder of Pentaho

Interview: Andre Boisvert, Former President of SAS Instutute and co-founder of Pentaho

It has been nearly two years since the McKinsey report on Big Data that caught the attention of Fortune 500 CXOs. Since then, Big Data has gone through a “hype cycle” which is typically associated with new technologies. Some of the topics include:

  • How will Big Data separate the winners from the losers in 2013?
  • Will operating managers have to run their businesses differently with Big Data?
  • Should Big Data skills be a consideration in succession planning for management?

Pradeep Ananthpadmanabhan
Pradeep Ananthpadmanabhan
CTO, Vivaki

Interview: Pradeep Ananthpadmanabhan, CTO VivaKi

Big Data technologies are reshaping the marketing landscape in more ways than we have seen before. This webinar discusses:

  • How marketers will leverage Big Data to create “rich” segments
  • Targeting customers that are most likely to buy
  • Driving ROI from investments in big data and digital marketing.

Bob Dutcher headshot
Laurie Beasley
President, Beasley Direct Marketing

Interview: Laurie Beasley, President, Beasley Direct Marketing

With the seemingly endless predictions about the death of email in the face of social media, what do the real research numbers say about social media usage vs. email usage and influence? Laurie Beasley discusses:

  • Results of three key research studies on social media and email habits
  • Tactics to use social media and email together
  • Maximizing email results through optimizing design for mobile viewing, blocked images and preview panes.

Bob Dutcher headshot
Bob Dutcher
VP of Marketing InsightsOne

Interview: Bob Dutcher, VP of Marketing InsightsOne

New advances in analytics and Big Data are producing significant improvements in email marketing targeting and conversion rates. In this one-hour webinar, you will discover:

  • How large companies are leveraging this new technology
  • How you can increase email revenue and profits by at least 10%
  • How you can transform your email marketing into a modern analytics-driven marketing machine.